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All you NEED to know about WhatsApp’s latest ‘Delete for everyone’ feature

All of us have been in a situation where we sent a risky text to the wrong person and then having to face the awkward situation. Well, thanks to the WhatsApp’s latest feature that is finally out of beta, we don’t have to worry about those times anymore!

The ‘Delete for everyone’ feature works the same way as on Telegram App. It means that if you delete a text you sent from a conversation, then the it gets deleted from recipient’s conversation on his or her WhatsApp as well. For this to work, both the people in the chat should have the latest version of WhatsApp installed. The message can be deleted only if it’s not yet read and you have the option to review and delete it from the recipient’s chat for only for 7 minutes from sending the text. This features works the same for individual & group chats including texts, images, contact cards and videos but it does not work for broadcast messages.

When you delete a risky text sent to the wrong person, WhatsApp sends a fake copy of the message to the recipient. When the recipient receives that copy, there won’t be any notification on their smartphone, nor will it be saved it in their chat history, but it will check if there is the ID of the message in WhatsApp’s database, locate it, and correctly revoke it.

WaBetaInfo, which is the fan site for WhatsApp, has announced that the chat app is finally rolling out the feature to Android, iOS and Windows phone users. Also, you’ll able to send media like photos and videos now without being compressed. The maximum size allowed is 128MB for iOs and 100MB for Android. These features are under construction, so its out for update for some of the users only for now.

Have you tried the Telegram App for chatting? There you have the same options without the restrictions of if the person has read it or not, nor any time limit.

Click here to download Telegram for Android

Click here to download Telegram for iOS

Click here to download Telegram for Desktop



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