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Secure your Life Goals! Machine learning for financial planning and tested investment advice is here on Angel Broking App


Every one of us has some life goals we wish to be fulfilled. We work and plan to save money for them. The most common thing we do, when it comes to investment planning is to go for advice from our friends and family. Though they are always there for our well being, their advice may not be the best one you can get. In this digital era, where you have an app for everything from buying groceries to buying a home, why don’t use an app to help you with your financial plannings ?

Angel Broking App


The app is built to help you in the best way possible because of the Robo Advisory tool- ARQ. ARQ is an investment engine from Angel Broking that gives you the solution that is best suited according to your requirements, goals and risk appetite. This is of importance as every industry isn’t beneficial for every individual. The ARQ’s superior technology is based on Nobel Prize winning methodology. In simple words, Robo Advisory means that the process of analyzing your requirements for a personalized solution & sharing stock recommendations is untouched by human interference which frees it of any kind of emotional bias. Analyzation takes place on future potential rather than past performance. All the work is carried out by high-end programs, algorithms and robo capabilities. Isn’t it the best robo advisor ?

The App is very user-friendly, easy to be understood by a beginner in investment planning as all the stock prices are listed down in an organized manner. Users can take the full advantage of the robo advisory to receive stock market recommendations and have the best share market broker in their your Smartphone. It is one of a kind app and is changing the industry by making it more digital-friendly. With the Angel Broking app you have the best chance to earn higher earning returns. ARQ Midcap Stocks performance result by the end of June 2017 implies that if an investor had put in 1 Lakh INR in ARQ Midcap Stocks then today his returns would roll up to 42.66%. The performance of ARQ Fundamental Stocks has been praiseworthy yielding an output of 13.24% against the market assessment of 7.66% in a mere span of 4 months. Since the introduction about 10 months ago, ARQ Value Stocks and ARQ Quality Stocks, have witnessed a return of 29.09% and 25.20% respectively.

Visit the website: http://www.angelbroking.com/



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