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Things I have learned about Digital Media Marketing


  1. Though it is said that a good quality product or content is enough to make it popular and loved by the audience, every product needs marketing.
  2. Marketing has to be done on a combination of platforms rather than just one. This increases the chances of getting the eyeballs of the targeted audience at a faster pace.
  3. People spend so much time on the Internet and social media platforms that marketing and advertising are gradually shifting to social media marketing as the number of people active on social apps and websites is soaring.
  4. On seeing a product they love, most people search for their brand’s accounts on Instagram, Facebook etc. Thus, every brand needs to broaden their marketing strategy to reach out to the potential customers irrespective of where they are searching for the brand. Smart customers all around us.
  5. Marketing & promotions initially might cost more than product or service you are providing. But that doesn’t mean it is in vain or vague. Building a brand image takes time and patience. (and some money!)
  6. Bloggers have become the favorite mode of spreading the word. Clothing brands, mobile brands, hotels and much more engage with Bloggers by sending them free goodies or on a paid deal to share their product. As the Bloggers have a loyal audience of their own, their product reaches out to every nook and corner without much efforts done.
  7. Share buttons on the business’s blog are very important so that readers can easily post your content to their social media pages and drive visitors back to your website. Also, don’t position them as hovering over the content and make it annoying for the reader. Place them neatly at the beginning or end of the post for best results.

6 comments on “Things I have learned about Digital Media Marketing

  1. Great post and really emphases the importance of taking your brands to social media influencers.

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  2. This is an awesome post! I never even really knew about social media marketing!

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  3. It is amazing to see how far marketing has come and to now see it take off on social media platforms. Thanks for sharing this information.

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