5 Reasons why you should learn Python

  1. Python language has been here for 25 years, it still rising in popularity slowly. Dropbox, Google, Quora, Bitbucket and Instagram are built on Python. It is quick to read and learn. The code is significantly shorter as compared to other languages.
  2. One of the main reasons for its popularity is its simplicity for beginners. It is a cross platform and an open source language with a large number of volunteers that are always working to improve it.
  3. Python has libraries for almost everything! This enables the faster building of prototypes. Python is backed by PyPI which is a repository of more than 85,000 Python modules and scripts you can use immediately.
  4. It has diverse applications like small or large, online or offline projects, web development (create web apps using frameworks like Pyramid, Django, Flask and much more), scripting and data analysis. Python is the popular choice in data analysis due to the huge number of libraries it provides. NumPy and Pandas for data visualizations to name a few. Another application of Python is in Machine Learning. By this, you can predict stock prices using the information about recent previous years. There are various useful libraries for this like Sci-kit learn and NLTK.
  5. Python has the third largest meetup community. At meetups, you get to network and learn from other developers around you. There are 1300+ Python groups on Meetup.com, totaling 608k+ members.

You can learn Python at the following platforms:

Here are some books that might come in handy!




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