Toilet: Kinda movie review. Reasons why you will hate/love it.

Hey, everyone! Writing after what seems a decade. I was caught up too much. So, this post is a movie review of a Bollywood movie ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha ( A love story)’ released on 11 August 2017. I loved the movie but I know the fact this is not going to be a blockbuster because the kind of audience it has.


The plot is around the saddening fact that India is the country with the highest number people practicing open defecation. ( 490 million, according to Wikipedia ) The thought of open defecation is unhealthy and appalling to think of. How easier it is for us to read ‘open defecation’ and understand how pointless, careless and shameful for a person to do is. The same might not be true for the far away villagers, stranded up by the traditions that they have modified to their wish and who are more than willing to follow them blindly just for the sake of ‘tradition’. The movie revolves around how changing people’s mindsets, opening them to see beyond their little horizon is much more difficult than getting the government to listen to your problems about a proper sanitation system. It is and always will be easier to blame the system for every minute thing wrong around us. How easy it is? While watching the movie, I felt moved by the lead character’s: Keshav Sharma (played by Akshay Kumar ) and his wife Jaya Sharma (played by Bhumi Pednekar) efforts to bring about a change. Toilet, a love story clearly is not your everyday entertainment masala Bollywood movie.

Reasons why you will love/hate it are:

Toilet- Movie review

Cinema initially began with finding a mode of sharing thoughts and ideas to larger masses of people at a time. According to my personal opinion, not meaning to hurt any movies out there, cinema is losing or has lost probably the main aim it was built for. Movies have become just a source of entertainment which is incomplete without item numbers, indecent jokes cracked once in a while, catchy songs and dances. I’m not saying replace all the movies with documentaries. Instead, make sure every movie gives out a message and that too a good one. So that along with the money that the producer makes, the viewers go back home having learned something or with a spark of thought in their minds.

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2 comments on “Toilet: Kinda movie review. Reasons why you will hate/love it.

  1. I thought this is already a long forgotten practice…😕
    Great that Bollywood is producing movies like this so that people actually realise that well, there might me “something wrong” in such stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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