Real People, Real Stories (Part-9)

Hey, everyone! Are you familiar with the blog post series ‘Real people, Real stories’? It is a series I started back in December 2016 with a wish to get to hear the travel stories from the travelers themselves and see how they photograph their memories on the journey. Today we have with us Yann from France sharing his story. Scroll down below to read.

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Name: Yann Seiller

Location: France


Hey !

I’m Yann, I come from the north-east of France where I was born and lived few years. I’m 21 y.o. and interested by so many things. Soon I will be an engineer and my goal is to deal with environmental issues that our world is encountering. So, let’s talk about one of my passions: photography. I discovered photography when I was very young and when my father introduce to me essentials. After that, I took many years to save money and to buy my first camera, which I still use. I have a 70-300 lens too.

I think that the relationship with photography is very private, we only take pictures of things that reach us deeply. Everybody has his own vision of a beautiful pic, everybody has a “look” and from the same scene, we all saw (at least photographers) a way to take a picture that we may like. Clearly, there are some rules to follow, some techniques that can be helpful to capture the feeling and details of a sight.

What I love in photography is quite simple:

  • First, immortality. We froze a scene for eternity when we shoot. It’s a manner to ensure evanescent things. I like when I fall randomly on old pics which remember me past times. Photography helps us to not forget some things.
  • Secondly, infinity. It’s always possible to progress, discover new approach in photography. This art is in constant evolution. All is possible, we can play with every colors.
  • Finally, sharing. This article is a good exemple, photography makes people meet themselves, sharing experiences, techniques and advices. A professional can appreciate pics made by a beginner, he may find idea for his own pics.

My pictures are often about nature: ocean, birds, trees, landscapes. Too many things that we have to safeguard. Most of my shots were made around places where I lived. My point of view is that it’s cool to travel, see many things and meet many people, but we must not forget that there is a singular beauty around us; everywhere.

Okay, it’s my vision of our world; I hope you’ll like it. I’m glad to share a few shots that I like on my Insta, jaks_canon. Really, don’t waver to ask me things about my pics! I have still many things to discover and many challenge to reach, I hope that I will always can see a such beautiful world.

“To photograph truthfully and effectively is to see beneath the surfaces.” – Ansel Adams

Thanks a lot



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