Happy & Carefree vibes Portrait Series



22 comments on “Happy & Carefree vibes Portrait Series

  1. What some beautiful photographs they really do look happy and carefree, like there is so much joy happening in each shot.

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  2. Robin Rue

    Those are really great photos. I love how much happiness you can see!

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  3. Love the shadows in the photos. Nature always makes a great backdrop for photos.

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  4. jenny at dapperhouse

    You are very beautiful so it would be difficult for you to take a bad photo, but I love the candid nature of these pics.


  5. Claudia Krusch

    These are fantastic photos. I love how you played with the natural light. The flowers are so pretty.

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  6. Great photos! I love that you have the flowers in the background. So natural & pretty!

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  7. Family Review Guide

    Nice photos! You look natural.


  8. I am a photographer myself. These are great photographs. Poses and angels in the shade always work well. Great photoshoot.

    John M

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  9. What a fun idea for a photo shoot! I love candid shots — they can make some memorable photos!

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  10. You look so pretty and happy! Love the beautiful shots 🙂

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  11. Great shots! You look so happy and i love your smile.

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