Things to do while in Venice, Italy’s most romantic city

Get a Gondola ride

A gondola is a flat wooden long vaporetti (boat) that is 11 meters long, weighs around 600 kg and is hand built in special workshops called squeri. A gondola ride is definitely the number one thing you should go for while you are in Venice. The clear blue waters and Baroque buildings around you is a scene you will cherish and never forget. It is a romantic symbol of Venice where couples go on a ride, having the best moments with their loved ones.

Originally, Gondolas were used by the upper-class Venetians but today it has become the main mode of transportation in Venice. If you are planning to go for one, (which you SHOULD) make sure to see your options first because it can be pretty expensive. It costs more during the night. I guess, being under the stars isn’t that cheap.

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Go on a Wine tour

Are you a foodie soul? If you aren’t you still enjoy exploring the classic Italin wine in Verona. Sunny skies, huge fields and barrels filled with rich & delicious wine. What more do we need to make our day? The relationship between Venice and its wine dates back centuries, with bacari serving the people different types of Malvasia and Raboso. The cicchetti bars famous for their Venetian tapas-style dishes cannot be missed on your trip to Venice. Sip wine and mingle!

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Trip to Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is one of the major water-traffic corridors in Venice. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the world’s longest canal spread over a length of 1,776 km or 1,104 miles.In the city, public transport comprises of water buses and private water taxis. The Canal Grande features an average depth of 16.5ft or 5 meters. It is the artery of entire Venice. The cheapest and best way to see Grand Canal is to take a no 1 or 2 Vaporetto from Piazzale Roma to San Marco for the price of a single fare(€7).

Must have Gelato!

Gelato is the Italian ice cream and is one of the best food bargains in the city, priced at €2 or even less. It is available in either a cup or a cone. Gelato can be bought at almost every nook and corner, so that you are never far away from a quick delicious bite. Artisanal producers who make fresh gelato every day have the best ones. But don’t go in for brand names! Try out different shops, you never know what it might bring you. You can order specifically which flavor’s scoop you want. It is preferable to order 2 or less scoops as Gelato melts quickly as compared to a normal ice cream.

See Romeo and Juliet’s balcony in Verona

I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know about the tragedy, Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare in his early career about two young love birds. The story is based in Italy. One of the scenes in the story is on a balcony when Romeo and Juliet meet, it is one of the most famous scenes in all of Shakespeare’s play as this is where they express their passionate love for each other and decide to marry in spite of their family’s rejection. Visiting this balcony in Verona is important as ever! Tourists leave sentimental notes beneath the balcony. It is a tourist spot that lovers don’t miss.