Real People, Real Stories ( Part – 7 )

Hey, everyone! Are you familiar with the blog post series ‘Real people, Real stories’? It is a series I started back in December 2016 with a wish to get to hear the travel stories from the travellers themselves and see how they photograph their memories on the journey. We all crave to see the world, for it might not be possible today but, it is possible to get to know other parts of the world we live in if we all collectively share our own little pieces.

Here are the previous posts in the blog series :

Today, for the seventh addition to our global travel journal, we have Ahamed Yaseen from Kerala ( also knows as God’s own country in India), India.

Name: Ahamed Yaaseen

Location: Kerala, India


He says…

Hi, I am Ahamed Yaaseen, Indian, lives in Kerala

First of all, I wanna say thank you to Garima Bhaskar to give me this opportunity.


 I believe I started my travels through the stories that my father shared with me in the early stages of my childhood. His way of narration helped my mind wander through the virtual world of his experiences.

I love travelling not only for seeing those places, but also because I want to spend time with the people there, to hear their stories, to enjoy the nature’s beauty, to know their way of living, to observe the variety of flora and fauna out there, to capture the moments and share with a circle of like minded people.
My inspiration for photography came from travelling. That’s how I started photography as a major hobby, which gives me pleasure.
The previous Himalayas Bedini bugyal trek with YHAI made my mind energetic and evoked a different feeling to travel the world for the rest of my life.
I wish to be a photo blogger rather than a travel blogger. Through my photos, I tell the stories behind it.
This whole world is made for us, and it makes no sense staying in one place or settling there for the rest of our life.
Never settle, Never stop travelling.

Photographs of Kerala captured by Ahamed, have a little virtual trip!


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  1. Love the photos. I love to travel and hearing about hearing people experiences so hopefully I get to share the same experiences as well.

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