To forgive & feel, is to be human

The noblest revenge is to forgive

-Thomas Fuller

How many people are there, against whom you hold grudges? Grudges, hatred are all slow killers for your own self. People make mistakes, you make mistakes. It is the best for everyone to forgive and move on.

But always, remember the lesson it taught you. I’m writing this post because I’ve seen so many people including myself, storing bundles of hate for people for something that happened years ago. It is the time that you let go of that hatred to make space for some love and affection. We don’t talk about this often enough. Talk about inner demons who are eating away our true happiness. So consumed on the exterior that we lose sight of what is most important. Fighting with your friends, with your lover, with your family and anyone around you on petty things. It is not worth a second of your life. People who really love and selflessly care about you are a gem and I suggest you cherish the moments with them rather than fighting over petty issues because you don’t control time. You don’t control what happens tomorrow. Don’t do anything that would make you regret if this was their last day with you today. If you aren’t happy inside, you can go on own the world and still not be happy enough. Why don’t people visit a therapist? I have never heard of someone going to a therapist and if they do, people hide it. Why? Because we have set our minds to think that only mentally unstable or to-be-exact mad people need a therapist. There are things about which we can’t talk to anyone, not because we don’t have people that care about us. But because some things are way too personal and sensitive for you to share. It is not easy to make yourself feel vulnerable by telling someone what you are really going through. Talking out the problem, the thoughts making a chaos in your mind is the best way and the only way to be at peace with yourself. It is hard, no doubt. Once you do it, you will feel lighter than ever.

By this post, I hope to make a difference in your opinion about needing a therapist. It is not for a mad man, it is when you need someone to share your most intimate feelings with. Also, I hope you begin cherishing people more than you cherish materialistic things.

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