Why blogging isn’t as easy as you think

Blogging isn’t as easy as you think. Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea and that too writing on a regular basis to keep the audience engaged. This is an appreciation post to all my fellow blogger friends, my followers and non-bloggers to tell them what hard work a blog demands.

Eat. Sleep. Blog. Repeat.

In the recent times, there has been a boom in the number of bloggers around. More and more people are building up their blogs on different niches. You name it, you have it! Educational, motivational, fashion, lifestyle, food, interior and so many. For a blogger, their blog is their personal space where they share their thoughts freely. That doesn’t mean just typing in and posting them up.

It needs continuous dedication. No bloggers succeed in his or her first post. It’s not a happy sight to put up your efforts in words, post it and not getting the response you expected. Each post that a blogger does, hides beneath it, hours of prep and then sharing it afterwards on different social media platforms to make sure their voice is heard, heard among the crowd of bloggers.

The blog’s design and layout have to be updated and check on intervals. A badly organized blog can make the viewers bounce off in a second! So, we spend a lot of time organizing the blog so that every post, button, the menu is clearly and as easily as possible to access by a first time visitor.
We network! For a successful blog, bloggers have to be in a constant touch with fellow bloggers. You can’t succeed sitting and blogging alone in a corner. You’ve to meet new people, share your blog and see theirs too.
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