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Now that’s a 5 star rated Uber Driver! 

Came by this inspiring story of an Uber driver, who drives so that he is able to help pay the fees in order to educate people on Facebook, by Jastej Singh. My faith in humanity is held up by such great souls. Hats off to you Sir!

Here is the story, in his own words by Jastej Singh,

Jastej Singh


So this happened today- It was 7:30 am and I had hired an Uber from the campus to head back to my hostel. I see this gentleman dressed in business casuals, in his early 60s, wiping the back seat of his car, very sincerely, corner to corner, for me to sit there. But since I hardly ever prefer to sit on the back seat of a taxi when I am alone, (weirdo alert), I thanked him for his kind gesture and told him that it wasn’t necessary. He replied “Sir, student log ke liye, I always make sure that the seat is clean”. On our way, I was busy reading a case study, and was going nowhere with it. I jokingly said to uncle “Kabhi apney bachon ko MBA mat karana”, and he said, “Why are you so worried about the case study, bas SWOT analysis karlo and make sure that your solution is sustainable for at least 5 years”. I was surprised to hear these words from my Uber driver. We started talking and it turns out he was a retired General Manager of one of the biggest PSUs in India! He told me about his son who is a chief officer in the Merchant Navy, having a handsome salary, (but he visits home very rarely because of his job), and his wife, who is a lecturer in a well reputed business school in Delhi.

Upon asking, why he resorted to becoming an Uber driver, he said, it was never for the money. He was getting terribly bored at home, since neither his wife, nor his son were at home most of the time and he didn’t want to end up like the “vella” uncles sitting at home, watching TV. He gets a steady pension, which is more than enough to have a comfortable life in Delhi NCR. He loved driving and listening to his favorite songs, while doing that, so why not. But then he said, the real reason is, that he was raised in Ghaziabad and was one of the first few students to have joined the local Ingram. He drives around whole day, so that every month, he can pay the fee for those students in the same Ingram, who are very bright but can’t afford education. He went on talking profoundly about how the education system in India, can be revolutionized, only if we start from the roots. In the end, he dropped me off at my hostel and said ” Visit my home, whenever you get time, we will discuss this over a cup of chai. And feel free to call me or visit me for any sort of help, bless you”.

This pretty much made my morning and has strengthened my belief, age is just a number! More power to him 🙂

Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1899534733431671&set=a.395335163851643.106694.100001254894217&type=3&theater



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