When in the 3rd year of Engineering, its time to get serious. Trust me!

It’s great if you’re serious about your career plan from the first year of your engineering or college. But if by the time you reach the 3rd year and not a single thought has been given to what you’ll do, then I’ve something to say to you.
I know you’ll say college life is the best life, it’s meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, attend parties, bunk and what not. I will agree to all that in a nano second. It’s just that don’t make yourself indulged only in them. Spend the night out partying, but when you come back home, be sure and serious about what good are you really making out of your college life in an academic manner or what you’ll do to be an independent individual.

It’s easy to blame, it has always been the perfect excuse. Blame the college, the university, the teachers and anyone you wish but this only harms you not them. The one who is keen to learn always finds a way rather than explaining what’s wrong. Quit pointing out the system is damaged to cover up why you aren’t doing good yourself. It’s the digital era, you can learn about everything from a stone to an ocean online. Get up and get working.

Most of you would’ve had some kind of a business or startup idea that you’re too afraid to start working on or you just keep delaying it because of excuses or what if you fail then what’s gonna happen. I’ll tell you what’s gonna happen, you’ll learn. Surely, learning isn’t a bad thing.

You can’t always depend on getting a job, dreaming of a perfect dream job while you sit sulking on your bed will take you nowhere. Deep down everyone knows what they are supposed to do in order to succeed, it’s just the first step that’s the hardest to make.