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How to never run out of ideas for your blog


Read more: Reading opens up your mind to different concepts and happenings around the world.Be it a novel or a newspaper, when you read something new every day, you’ll get so many thoughts which can be written down in a blog post.

Meet people: When you meet people in your day to day life, pay a close attention to what they say. Don’t just hear them talking, listen to them with a keen ear. In conversations, people give out the things that they would like to know or the things that always confuses them. Write about these things, so that you know what people want to read.

Be Updated: Keep yourself updated 24 x 7. Be active on social media platforms because that’s where the news or a viral trend begins to spread. If you’re active enough you’ll be amongst the first ones to know about the latest happenings and write your view on it.

Join Facebook Groups:  There are many Facebook groups with numerous bloggers. Make sure to join them and learn from other bloggers. In such groups, people ask their doubts blogging and share their latest posts too. Joining groups can get your blog more exposure as well as help you learn a bit more about blogging.

Trending on Facebook: You might have seen that on Facebook, on the right-hand side, there’s a list of current trending topics. Keep an eye on them. If there’s a trending topic that supports your niche then you’ve found your next blog post!


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5 comments on “How to never run out of ideas for your blog

  1. Great points. Also reading things that you don’t agree with can get you motivated to write something of your own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes that’s a very good thing you pointed at. People often feel more motivated when their beliefs are shook by other’s opinions.


  2. Nice points for guidance..


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