Take a day off from the hectic life, sooth your senses at Sammati Naturopathic Wellbeing Centre, Greater Noida

On 15 July 2017, I visited Sammati Naturopathy Wellbeing Centre in Greater Noida and I returned feeling relaxed as ever.
Living the fast lane, our bodies often get compromised as we eat unhealthily and our lifestyle changes, leading to various health related problems. We fall ill, we take medicine and that is it! But the best solution is to take care of your body and mind, avoiding the allopathic medicines as they all have some or the other side effects. At Sammati, you get facilities like Sauna Bath, Jacuzzi and lots more.

I was guided by a Nutritionist at Sammati on the different food habits one should in-cooperate in their daily life for a healthier metabolism. The people at the Wellbeing Center are very welcoming and will make you feel comfortable, like at home. I had my fitness goals as :

Detoxification, Stress Management & Stronger immunity

Some of the practices that were prescribed by the Nutritionist for them are:


  • Include citrus fruits in your diet
  • Go for Steam bath/Sauna bath
  • Jacuzzi, Enema, Hip & Spline bath ( opens up your pores, giving way to precipitation resulting in healthier skin and removal of toxic materials)
  • Weekly fasting, can be dry, religious, liquid or mono diet
  • Intake of alkaline juices

Stress Management

  • Practice deep breathing exercises
  • Share your thoughts with the people closest to you, it lightens the burden and makes you feel better instantly
  • Take out time daily for meditation
  • Smile more often!

Stronger Immunity

  • Increase the intake of citrus fruits, about 2-3 a day as a light snack
  • 45 minutes of Yoga every morning when you wake up


About the Director,

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh is the Director of Sammati Naturopathic WellBeing Centre in Greater Noida, who is also a Director of 4 other companies. On meeting with him, I found him to be a very humble and knowledgeable person. He is very down to earth as compared to his various achievements. He has travelled around the globe, spreading the healthy lifestyle at his every stop by coaching celebrities and billionaires on diet, yoga, lifestyle and stress management. He is the General Secretary of Indian Naturopathy & Yog Graduates’ Medical Association (INYGMA), which is the only National Professional Association of the Yoga & Naturopathic Physicians.