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My degree doesn’t restrict my passion.

Yes, I’m enrolled in a 4-year course, B.Tech in Computer Science and it’s not the only thing I’ll do in my life.

This post is for all the people who have asked, are asking or will ask

“Shouldn’t you be studying programming languages?”

“Oh haha you’re an engineer and you write, photograph why?”

“what’s the use of all this writing and stuff if you’re going to do Btech?”

I’ve hobbies, hobbies that I love. I like computer science that’s the reason I chose engineering. I’ll continue with my hobbies and other passions while I pursue this course.

I’m tired of people asking this and memes about this topic that mock engineers. From what I know, engineers are highly creative and no matter in which field they finally go to after completing their degree, they’ll succeed.



  1. Same pinch !
    Seems like , someone has putted my story in her words .
    I went to an interview for summer internship and interviewer was reading my resume and he started questioning about my blog which I mentioned as a hobby .
    He asked me to join digital marketing , I said no with in a second and I told to him
    Sir i have been studying in computer science since last 5 years and I am desperately looking for a industrial experience in any IT project so how can I start my internship as a content writer even I have technical skills too.

    😎😎 If playing cricket , singing and dancing can be mentioned​ as hobby then why people don’t digest writing as a hobby .

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