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Are we going back to the times when women lived inside 4 walls?


Just read a post on So Delhi, they sourced it via India Today.

Read their complete post here:!/delhi/article/delhi-police-is-now-telling-us-that-banning-ladies-nights-in-hkv-will-solve-all-safety-issues

Apparently, the ultimate solution that was found is: Don’t let women out, if they are at their home then no rapes TADA! The post talks about banning free alcohol, free entry and even late night parties in HKV for women. I guess we are just not capable of letting our women feel safe. If there are increased number of rape cases, do you know where the problem lies? With the MEN! Teach them to behave and control their hormones. Mothers tell their daughters to dress up nicely (covered up I mean), brothers drop off their sisters to parties and fathers keep an eye of their daughter’s guy friends. But why don’t these same people teach their sons a lesson? Isn’t it the better idea? The way a girl dress up has always been a point of discussion and is always the first thing to be pointed at. I can go on writing a book on this that people! wake up! Wearing a traditional suit or saree is not going to keep you safe. Oh, but yes may be a cow mask will work, do try and let me know where I can buy one.

Wait, where was I?

Yes, the problem lies with the MEN, not the WOMEN.

Let me try to explain it with some common and simple examples.

If the number of road accidents is on the increase, then what should you do to prevent it? We should manage the traffic more efficiently, make sure the rules are followed. But the way in which women are being banned entry, the solution to this road accidents problem would be to suggest people not to use cars in the first place. Don’t travel in a car, avoid accidents. What a genius idea.

If there are cockroaches in your kitchen, then what should you do to prevent it? We should kill the cockroaches by some spray. But the way in which women are being banned entry, the solution to this problem would be not to have a kitchen! How simple is that don’t have a kitchen so that cockroaches have no home to come to? I wish my mind had such amazing ideas.

Also, there are people commenting on such posts about free alcohol being banned for women, “Yes finally we THE MEN don’t get such privileges of free alcohol so they shouldn’t too!.” Excuse me, someone is losing is the point here. Ting Ting.



  1. I really like how you have drawn illustrations from life and connected it to the subject. But the problem with Indian society is their mindset. My Paternal family belongs to UP like around Agra and villages and do they have had issues with everything that I have done in my life! They were not even happy when my parents put me in co-ed or sent me away for higher education and supported me for Love marriage. They were furious! But I hope someday ☺️☺️ in distant future things will change 👍👍 I really find your blog interesting. Look forward to stay connected 👍 Cheers, Charu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Charu! And yes I guess most of us have had our own share of experiences. We can just share our experiences and views hoping it will make a difference for our future generations to come.

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