First Blogging & Internet marketing workshop in North-East India

Event poster

The first blogging and internet marketing workshop of North East was held in Guwahati on the 29th and 30th of June 2017. Organised by an independent blog based in the city- Snoozepost ( in association with ETC. The two day workshop covered everything related to internet content creation, from setting up a blog to running affiliate marketing to earn from it.

The event featured sessions by prominent bloggers and professionals who know the ins and outs of the internet content creation community of India and overseas. The first half of Day 1 of the workshop was conducted by Indrajeet Bhuyan who introduced the participants to the initiation of blogging and setting up a blog. He also covered vlogs and tips and trips to the inner workings of internet blogging/vlogging. Bhuyan is the co-founder of Snoozepost, a lifestyle and technological news blog. He is also the Founder of Hackatrick ( an internet security solution website through which he shares his experience with cyber security.

This initial session was followed by more sessions after lunch from three Guest Speakers. The first guest to take over was Sharmistha Goswami, the co-founder of the fashion blog StyleOverCoffee ( who shared her personal experiences with fashion blogging over the last few years and provided tips about working as a full time blogger as well as how to go big in the visible field of fashion blogging.

After a brief question and answer round, the second Guest Speaker, who is a young and rising YouTuber who goes by the name Veg Chicken. He makes short comedy skits on his channel of the same name and he also shared his story of exploring and working on YouTube video content.

The end of the first day was by the session of Anuraag Saikia- the admin of the hugely popular Guwahati Metro Community delivered his session. Saikia spoke about the importance of appropriate internet marketing and promotion of the individual blog/vlog to ensure better visibility.

Day 2 of the workshop revolved around blogging as a profession and a full-time earning venture. Continuing from where he left off the previous day, Indrajeet Bhuyan acquainted the participants with the methods of earning from the internet. He dealt with not only blogging but also allied topics like social media marketing (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and crypto-currency.

The Guest Speakers of Day 2 are renowned and recognized all over the world as bloggers associated with technology and web security. They flew in from Delhi on the morning of the day of the event and began their sessions post-lunch. They were felicitated by the members of the organizing team of Snoozepost with the culturally significant mementos of Gamosa, Jaapi, Assam tea and the one-horned rhino.

The first speaker was Mohit Kumar who is the Founder of TheHackerNews ( the number one security portal of the world with millions of readership . Kumar shared his experience with 10 years and more of blogging . His words were some of the most valuable of the event.

Equally important and interesting were the words of the last speaker of the event- Deepanker Verma. Verma is the Founder of Delhi based Techlomedia and one of the top influencers of the digital scene in the country. He dealt with transforming and creating a career out of content creation on the web. Both of their sessions were succeeded by lengthy question and answer round of interaction with the audience.

The two day event was thus concluded with a short ceremony that involved giving out lucky members among the participants with blogger kits and tools to start blogging at the very first opportunity. Moreover, all the participants were handed out participation certificates. The organizers of the event- all students from some of the best institutions of the city, hope to bring the event back next year as well with the same level of success.


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