Real People, Real Stories (part 5)

Hey, everyone! Do you remember the series of Real people, Real stories? If not, then check out the previous ones here,

Real people, Real stories – 1 ( Anant Saini, India )

Real people, Real stories – 2 ( Alessio Grassi, Italy )

Real people, Real stories – 3 ( Martijn van Steenbergen, Netherlands )

Real people, Real stories – 4 ( Peter Dijkgraaf, Netherlands )

It’s been so long we haven’t heard a story from another passionate photographer or traveller, from a different corner of the world. Today we have amongst us a guest, from my neighbouring country, Pakistan.


Name: Mumal Mustafa Soomro
Location: Pakistan
Instagram: mumalmustafa
I’m Mumal, a 22-year-old chartered accountant and a passionate photographer.
I’ve always felt a need to explore the beauty of the world and to feel free and travelling provides the freedom to fill my needs. Every ride takes you on a new journey and experience which makes you realise that this is what it feels like to be happy.
You guys can check out my travel photos on Instagram page @mumalmustafa
And thank you Garima for giving me this opportunity. Cheers!
Her amazing set of pictures!

See more at :  


6 comments on “Real People, Real Stories (part 5)

  1. Mumal Soomro

    Thank you garima. 🙂

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  2. Great set of pictures

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