There are somethings you can’t argue about, or MANY

Project - Drawing 3-1569177788-01I always wonder if these posts even make a difference. Are the right people reading it? The people for whom I’m writing this may not find the title good enough to open the post in the first place.

There are some things you can’t argue about with people. Well, maybe there are many.People will continue to say don’t eat animals and give you a detailed lecture about how lovely are animals, how you are taking their lives. But the same people when coming across a dog, cow or any other on the streets, they’ll never have the slightest thought of feeding them. Where has all that love gone? Dogs are often beaten up by people for just merely strolling around the streets. Doesn’t matter how many Facebook pages share cute dog videos or how dogs are such amazing creatures, for some they will be an animal, just an animal.

Victim of the rape will always be frowned upon by the society more than the rapist himself. Intelligent people worry ‘Oh! who will marry her now? Her future is ruined’. It is both simple and yet so hard for people to get that if she was raped then that doesn’t change her personality or character. What was her fault? Nothing. But, society will continue to think so until I don’t know, eternity?

A girl’s clothing will always remain the sole basis of judging her character in microseconds. Let me break this to you, clothes are merely a piece of cloth on someone’s body and it’s not a CV or biodata they carry with themselves. I feel pity for those people who have such mindsets. They’ll spend their life blaming the girl for her lack of morals whereas it might just be the opposite. This is also related to rapes of course. If you wear revealing clothes, you are inviting obviously. Wear a Saree and you’re safe! But oh wait, haven’t you read the news about little 5-year-olds being raped? What did she do that was so provocative? Did her little chubby legs lure you? Was she asking for it?

A boy having a company of a few girls is fine, a girl having a company of a few boys is disgraceful. This has been going for as long as I can remember. I won’t even try to explain why this is completely pointless, just sit and think on this one.

Bollywood. Cinema has such a huge impact on people. The censor board has always been doing an amazing job of cutting out the ‘shhh’ words from mere dialogues that they forget the songs. Obviously, saying ‘intercourse’ is vulgar but singing about ‘A guy has been waiting for a girl, she doesn’t come to meet him, so now he’ll do ‘some-bad-things-to-her’ is superb. (I’ll let you guess which song is that). There are numerous songs like this which never go under the knife, but empowering movies in which there’s a ‘women-as-a-hero’? NO NO NO. Cut the whole movie out please sir.

Sapna Chaudhary. No, I am not even going to spare my ear to those people saying there is nothing wrong with her or what she does. It is not a dance form people, its vulgarity at its best. Sadly, I have friends who have tried to convince me that it is me who has a shallow thinking, it is me who is the bad person. If you are reading this, then please know that it’s not even ‘d’ of the decent. She performs in such a filthy group of men gawking at her and sometimes little girls find inspiration in her and join her in the dance. I have seen comments on her videos saying, ‘Sapna is doing a great job! All those haters won’t hate it if their daughter was on the stage and successful!’. Seriously? Why would someone want their daughter to dance provocatively in front of such indecent men? We’re not short of people with this amazing mindset, a million views on her videos imply that.