Appalling Advertisement: Nivea Men Facewash

The ad shows Arjun Rampal, preaching how a shade card will tell you what shade your skin is and based on this it’ll make you look more desirable & attractive. Why are such advertisements even allowed to go on screens? It’s clearly telling people, forcing a mindset that fairer skin is better. Fairer skin, really? Someone’s skin shade is in no way the definition of how attractive or beautiful they are. I don’t think it’s that hard to get. Television has such a huge impact on the society and it is due to these celebrities promoting the idea of ‘the fair skin’ that women and young girls feel a constant need to use fairness products to lighten their skin. Dark skin is adored as much as the light skin all around the globe, except in our beloved India.
It’s time we tell them, to brighten up what’s on the inside rather than polishing up your exterior just because some celebrity who was paid a hefty amount for the act says so.



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