To all the women out there!

You are Brave!

This for all the women out there, who have been called coward or weak.

You all deserve a BRAVERY AWARD !


Because even after seeing a 100 rape cases on the news, in your city, you’re stepping out of your house every single day.

Walking out and living your life to the fullest when you know, any moment you could something so terrible. With the apalling things happening around you, you’re still strong enough keeping you head held high and ignoring indecent stares as you go by. Seeing a rape case in the newspaper every day has become as common as the ads on the Internet.

You‘re setting an example for everyone around!



5 comments on “To all the women out there!

  1. Yes we do. We truly deserve a bravery award for not letting the news affect us. We have the courage to go out and face the world as IT IS! We all are just amazing!

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  2. Thank you so much Garmina for reminding all the women that we are brave!

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  3. You speak on a tone of wisdom i love what i read here and i will surely share this link with all my females friends this is inspirational

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    • Thank you so much Richard! I’m glad you find these words of mine wise. Just here to make a change and let women know how strong they’re because they aren’t told this enough.


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