Life poetry

Living by the norms

We’ll send in you in extracurricular classes when you’re young

Because we want to know what are you’re good at

Not so that you can improve and may find your field of excellence

But because we want something

To flaunt to the people about you

Do it your heart out, till you can

That’s the only permitted time

When you can be yourself

Build your dreams, build your path

But begin your journey only after

You’ve been what we want you to be

And you’re too old to catch the stars you’ve been aiming at

It’s not for you, you’re careless

Don’t go out, go out seeing places

And God never ever with your friends

Because it isn’t safe, you’re a flower child and they’re fire

We don’t trust our upbringing

You can’t make out what’s right and wrong

But Oh yes! You can go abroad looking for jobs

Because that’s amazing beta

The world outside the home ain’t for you

Unless you’re making money

It’s fine if your brother drinks

He’s responsible.

We’ll teach you what it tastes like,

Abide you from it the moment you

Start liking it

Love your hobbies, be creative

But, wait no be an engineer beta

Because there are few who succeed

and you’re definitely a loser

Study, get a job marry an unknown we find appropriate

And thank us for our warm and tender

Efforts in raising you and fulfilling your dreams

That was secretly ours

Because we’ve to worry what the people will think

Doesn’t matter what you want

Do what seems right to the crowd

Artists, singers, photographers and what not

Are all disgraceful professions

Because we’ve never seen one arise from people around us

So beta don’t be disgraceful

You’re a loser enough to aim for these

But for IAS, UPSC, beta you’re a star



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