What do you know about North Korea ?

Firstly, to get you in the zone of what horrible crisis North Korea has been under, please watch the video below of a young girl that escaped from North Korea in search of freedom, sharing her harsh experiences at such a tender age on the platform: One young world.

One young world is a global forum for the young aged 18-30 from all around the world. It aims at establishing a connection and making people aware of the world’s most pressing societal issues that these young ones go through. It is a non-profit organization based in London, which organizes annual summits in cities around the globe and is joined by World leaders.

  1. People are executed for making international phone calls. Security establishments employ mass surveillance, tightly monitoring cellular and digital communications. The MPS, State Security and the police allegedly conduct real-time monitoring of text messages, online data transfer, monitor phone calls and automatically transcribe recorded conversations.
  2. North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un (aged 33 years) is the world’s most unpredictable dictator and often called a mad man. He is a chain smoker and is known to have executed his girlfriends.
  3. North Korea is one of the few countries that are still under the nominally communist rule.
  4. There have been over 100 state officials executed under the dictatorship of Kim Jong Un.
  5. Kim has also taken measures to consolidate his power by purging high-ranking officials, including his own family members. There are reportedly between 80,000 and 120,000 political prisoners detained in North Korea.
  6. In violation of UN Security Council resolutions, North Korea continues overt nuclear enrichment and long-range missile development efforts. It is estimated to have 10-16 nuclear weapons. These nuclear ambitions have isolated the country from the world from decades.
  7. North Korea is one of the hardest countries for foreign media to cover due to the various restriction it imposes.
  8. There are 28 state-approved haircuts that people are allowed to have. There are restrictions on the length of hair men and women can keep. Only the king is exempted from this law.
  9. Media isn’t allowed to talk about hardships of the citizens or the fact that most of their population lives in poverty.
  10. There are only 3 channels on the TV and radio across North Korea that are allowed to only praise the leader, spread the propaganda and preach people about how great North Korea is.


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