There’s someone in the crowd

Writing this blog post with the music of the movie ‘La La Land’ playing for the 100th time. I watched the movie a few days ago and I’ve had a few realizations. How the world around has changed, how we are so busy in ourselves and finding ways to make a living that we tend to forget to live a little in the process. Until the time we realize what matters, we’re old and gray.

( I highly suggest you watch La La Land  )

I am not old enough to be wise but from whatever I have seen around me and heard, it has made me think how we have become ignorant of our feelings and wants as a person. At the end of the day, there are people who feel alone and deserted. India has such high population of youth in depression that it’s astonishing.

There are people in heartbreaks, in losing themselves whilst finding their career, 12467drowning in debts and what not. Everyone needs just one person, just that one person who lifts them up. One who believes in your dreams more than you do and who will keep your happiness first no matter what. I wish everyone will be ‘that person’ for someone. There is someone in the crowd for everyone, be it your family, your friend or your lover.

Change is inevitable, it is the only thing that remains constant. With the lightning speed lives are making for ourselves, we often look over the little pockets of happiness. The world would have been such a better place if our lives would’ve slowed down a little. We are so occupied in complaining where we’d rather be that we forget the most of today, the present. Whining about the past won’t undo what has happened and worrying about the future won’t make it any better.

The point is, I want everyone to feel more, open your heart out, find your someone in the crowd and if you don’t find one then be one for someone. Get out of your social media life, out of the pictures you are forcefully posting for, live your heart out. There should be pictures of your happy memories not happy memories of pictures taken just for the sake of it.


Author: GarimaBhaskar

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