Guide to stay safe in Delhi for all the women out there ( 7 rules )



  1. Don’t get all dolled up when you leave your home, it is completely your fault for tempting decent men out there.
  2. Don’t wear short clothes which include everything except a traditional Indian suit or a saree. Short clothes are a way of communicating that you are a slut. But wait, doesn’t the saree expose your abdominal area? Nevermind, its tradition. Tradition is never wrong.
  3. Don’t wear bright and bold red lipstick, you aren’t a celebrity walking down the red carpet. You are an average woman walking down the road surrounded by people that make you feel at home. Sometimes, a bit too much.
  4. If someone is passing comments on you, doing indecent actions then don’t react just walk along. Do not share your experiences with anyone because you know it deep down it was your mistake as you didn’t follow the rules mentioned above.
  5. Teach your friends, daughters to stay at home. Home is where the world is. We the women are made to organise our homes, cook and clean. Don’t make attempts to match up with the men in society. You have no identity of your own.
  6. Don’t go partying around with your friends after 7:00 pm. Obviously, when going to a party you’ll break the 1,2 & 3 rules. Beware of the consequences.
  7. Don’t post your pretty pictures on the social media, it is just another way of luring and enticing harmless men of our society.

(    Hoping you would get the sarcasm )