Real people, Real Stories ( part 4 )

Peter Dijkgraaf from Netherlands shares how his passion for photography and travel has taken him on adventures around the globe.

It is always a pleasure to collaborate with other travellers around the globe with a passion for photography. In this 4th part of the Real people, Real Stories, we have a photographer and visual designer – Peter from Netherlands.
Name : Peter Dijkgraaf
Location : Netherlands
Instagram : Peter Dijkgraaf
He says…
I’m Peter, a 25-year-old photographer and visual designer from the Netherlands. I work full time for a global design agency which gives me a lot of opportunities to travel. It has taken me to Amsterdam, Munich, Australia, New Zealand, Shanghai, Paris and the list goes on. On my travels, I always use every second of spare time to explore the places I’m visiting and making sure that I capture them on my camera and share them on my Instagram (
Photography has put the entire world around me in a different perspective. Every detail matters, every tree on the side of the road can be a potential masterpiece, random pedestrian on the streets can form a brilliant scene, when framed right, waking up at 05:00 am to catch the sunset is not a pain but a blessing. Even when I don’t have the camera on me I’m noticing myself paying attention to details in my surrounding, trying to frame things I see around me in a picture.
At the moment I live in Munich, right next to the magnificent mountain range, the Alps. This might be one of the reasons that I love landscape photography so much. I love being out in nature in the first place. Combining it with taking the time to freeze the moment around you forever in a picture is something special. You can wake me up any time for an adventure and some wild camping.
I’ve got quite a few adventures planned for 2017 and I’m planning to capture it all. Make sure to follow me on Instagram ( and Youtube ( to stay up to date of my adventures. Any questions about my set-up or tricks are more then welcome!
Peter Dijkgraaf

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  1. Like all photos, but second, icy falls, is my favorite

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