Real people, Real stories ( part 2)

If you have not read the first post of Real people, Real stories, go check it out! It was a step towards knowing the world around us a little better through the eyes of other people. People who like me, are travellers at heart with a passion for photography. This is our second guest sharing his experiences all the way from Italy!


Name : Alessio Grassi

Location : Sarzana, Italy

Instagram : Mercenario8

He says…

Hi, i am Alessio, Italian, i live in Sarzana a small historic town near Cinque Terre ( i suggest you to come here!!!).
First of all i wanna say thank you to Garima Bhaskar to give me this opportunity.
My passion for travels started many years ago, when i was a teenager.
Growing i had the chance to visit some interesting places: Sweden, France, Kenya, Spain.
Only in the last years i have discovered travel photography as the perfect expression to celebrate these experiences.
Using simply my samsung phone and my more technique camera, Nikon, during every travel i enjoy all the details of a new place.
Through the photography i feel more sensations connected to the moment of the discovery.
The recent travel i particularly enjoyed was a Scotland complete tour (my honemoon!): a fab trip all around this unique country: beautiful landscapes, wonderful castles, breathtacking views.
For sure instagram is a great medium to communicate and share this passion.
For the new year i hope to visit more and more…
Go to Explore!!!!
Follow me @mercenario8’


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7 comments on “Real people, Real stories ( part 2)

  1. Alessio

    Thank you so much Garima for this opportunity…i am very happy 😊😊😊☺☺☺

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  2. Amazing photos ! Great blog design!
    I leave you my post about celebration of New Year’s Eve in Madrid

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