Stand out, make a difference

Who are you?

What makes you different from others?

What is that one thing you do the best?

Following the crowd has never helped anyone and never will. There are in-numerous students out there, in the same course that you are and even scoring better than you. How are you any different? Take sometime, sit down and think.

Once you’ve had a thought, its impossible to erase it

Everyone of you is special, irrespective for vague standards that the society has set up to evaluate and distinguish us, demotivating you at every turn. Your educational score is merely a piece of paper telling people how you scored and not how much you understood.

Don’t depend on anyone else but you for motivation. You know what you are best at, embrace it. Break the monotony, who cares? The joy of doing what you love is incomparable.

I can bet that, at least 80% of you all, have some deep desires you want to fulfill, some goals some dreams you had that now lie in a dusted rack. Take it out, put your energy into it.

Be it studies, art, music, cooking, photography or any other. If it intrigues you, that is more than enough for you start working on it.

Its your dream, it needs your efforts!

Hoping I’ve made a difference by this post!


Author: GarimaBhaskar

Hey! Good to see you here. I am a person with varied interests. I'm a Software Engineer by the degree and Photographer, Content Writer & Artist by hobby. This is a multi-niche blog where you'll find everything from a smartphone to inspiration. I offer services like Product Photography, Blogger shoots, Graphic Designing and Promotional posts that blend in with the blog's theme. Shoot me a mail at for any queries you might have!

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