Mobile Photography tips, tried and tested

You don’t always need a DSLR to click professional looking pictures. Be it your selfies, random clicks of your vacation trip or friends’ day out, all of them can be made perfect by knowledge of basic tools in your  android Smartphone which people usually tend to ignore.



You’ll find the exposure setting in your phone’s camera settings. By default, it is set to zero. When clicking pictures in low light places, you can increase your exposure value to +1 or +2 depending on the amount of brightness you require. Same can be applied when clicking in extensively light areas which cause your pictures to be too flashy and it loses it details. In such cases, reduce the exposure to -1 or -2 as required. This will minimize the shining of the lights and give you a finer picture.




Silhouettes are the pictures in which the background of your picture is well lit whereas the front area appears complete black, giving you a fine black outlining of focused object. Silhouettes technique is best applied when clicking pictures of structures, building, landscapes and nature in general. Set your exposure setting to the least possible i.e., -2 to get this effect.




Surely, you have always wondered how photographers take such amazing creative pictures using lights as an artistic pen. Though this technique is best performed by a DSLR camera, you can perform an amateur effect by your everyday Smartphone too. All you have to do is, increase your ISO setting in your phone’s camera to 400 or whatever maximum value  your handset provides along with decreasing you exposure to -1 so that lights appear brighter and background darker.




Change your focus mode in your phone’s camera from autofocus to infinity. If you are creating a bokeh with a object in the front, then use the smart focus/ auto focus and click on the object a front on your camera screen. This will make the camera focus only on that subject blurring out the lights in the background which makes the bokeh. On the other hand, if you are creating a bokeh with no other object in front, use the infinity focus settings to get the desired perfect bokeh picture.




To click amazing pictures of the sky or clouds during sunset, if the sky is appearing blue use the incandescent mode in the white balance settings in your phone’s camera to get a darker blue shade in the sky. If the sky appears yellow, then use the cloudy mode in order to make it appear picturesque.



All the pictures used above have been clicked by Samsung Galaxy Core and Asus Zenfone 2.

Also, read this article on the website here: Android Photography Tips


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  1. Really Nice Tips 👌👌 specially For The one who love Photography but unable to afford DSLR. Thanks you so much


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