Newly found world

The newly found world to me

Which I delve into everyday & it dazzles me

How can something be so immaculate?

The eyes that go deep inside to look

To see what’s hidden in my heart’s book

It’s like the deep black ocean, that never ends

The strongest bond of trust that will never bend

Just a glimpse, isn’t enough to eulogize

The absolute creation it is, I ain’t a liar!

New world that I see each day

Gives me a million reasons to smile all day

Never by chance look in the deep eyes for long

For they’ll read all for which your heart longs

The scariest of all the scariest dreams

Is this a reality or just a dream?

If it’s a dream, let me sleep forever

If it’s reality, I’ll be with you forever


3 comments on “Newly found world

  1. Beautiful 🙂

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